Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Finally Arrives!

 Summer finally arrived on July 5th. Has been a cold, wet spring. June was unusually cool and wet. We are accustomed to June being somewhat lousy weather here in western Oregon, but this year it out did itself. However, it is warm now and there is no better weather anywhere than the Pacific Northwest in summer. It is warm with cool nights and no humidity. There is a lot of color around the pond but not as much variety as we usually have. Seems many of the wildflowers, poppies, etc. that we've had in abundance in past years have failed to appear this year. A few photos folllow.

Sunrise over the pond on June 21 with Mt Adams in the background.

Deer visit...a regular occurance.

Water lily blooming nicely.

Red Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa)

Cardinal Meadow Hawk Dragonfly...common in summer, but in fewer numbers this year.

California Poppies in abundance.
Burr-reeds ( Sparganiaceae) are blooming and becoming thicker in the pond margin.

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